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Brand Name:Commercical Electric pressure fryer
Product Model:PFE-600
High quality commercical electric pressure fryer easy to operate ,cheaper price . Our factory produce different model ,different computer control panel electric fryer,commercial fryer,pressure fryer cooker,electric turkey fryer
 Product description


These Commercial Electric pressure fryer is the company absorbing foreign advanced technology, according to the production process and traditional Chinese chicken fried chicken in the development and production of the latest fried chicken furnace. The whole body of stainless steel, computer control panel, simple operation, automatic temperature control exhaust pressure.


Using low-temperature high-pressure principle, fried food crisp outside and tender, bright color, but also fried duck, fried chicken, fried chicken, chicken wings, fish, pork, and other meat and potatoes and other vegetables. Applicable to all major shops, hotels, fast food restaurants, snack bars, factory canteens and self-employed households. With simple operation, clean, easy to use, high efficiency, durability and other characteristics. Is the latest type of food


High pressure ,lowest temperature different kind of the high quality commercial chicken fryer, commercial fryer,fryer chicken,electric fryer,pressure fryer cooker


WIth the full baskets . layer baskets as follow :



1, all stainless steel body, easy to wash and wipe, long service life.

2, aluminum lid, rugged and lightweight, easy to open and close.

3, built-in automatic oil filter system, easy to use and energy efficient.

4, four casters carrying capacity together with brake function, ease of movement and positioning.

5, the digital display control panel, more accurate and more beautiful.

6, the machine has a total of 10 storage keys 1-0 for 10 categories of food frying use.


Technical Parameters:


name: Commercical Electric pressure fryer

Model: PFE-600



control temperature range :20-200℃


packing size:1030×510×1300mm


net weight:135kg

gross weight:155kg

control panel:computer control panel




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