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Brand Name:BQ620C
Product Model:BQ620C
High&Low Voltage Protection and Warning Device (Components of ice cream machines can be protected and users can be reminded.)
 Product description



1,Two Flavour + One Mix Design(The most popular design in the world)

2,High&Low Voltage Protection and Warning Device (Components of ice cream machines can be protected and users can be reminded.)

3,Branded Evaporator (More energy can be saved and using life of ice cream machine can be longer.)

4,Direct-cooling Design (Refrigeration effect can be better and ice cream discharging speed can be faster.)

5,Advanced Microcomputer Controlling System (Ice cream machine is more intelligentized. Operation is more convenient.)


II,Optional Function:

1,Hopper Precooling System (With zero-temperature technology, ice cream material in hoppers will not go bad for long time operation in hot environment.)

2,Keeping Temperature at Night Function (Users don’t need to clean machines after operation every evening.)

3,Single or Double Low Mix Indicator (Users can be informed in time and prepare adding ice cream material in advance.)

4,Counter for Ice Cream (It is helpful to check the cost.)



Main power:220V, 50Hz/60Hz,240V/50Hz,110V/60Hz

Rated output:1.7kW


Production capacity:12 – 18kg/h(17-28L/h)Cups per Hour(60g per cup):200-300

Hopper Capacity:2×5.8L

Air Pump System:Without

Hopper Pre-cooling:Without

Low Mix Indicator:Without

Keeping Temperature at Night:Without

Independent Compressor to Keeping Temperature/R134a:Without

N.W: 143kg

Overall dimensions:518 x 745 x 1,420mm

Packing dimensions:690 x 880 x 1,600mm



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