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Brand Name:Gas deck oven (2 layers 4 trays )
Product Model:YXY-F40
The upper and lower fire each with a burner, thermostat and automatic thermostat can respectively. Manual panel, convenient and practical.
 Product description


YXY series gas oven ( inerter referred to as the oven) combines the advantages is our domestic like product, after repeated practice, improve, from the development. A fashionable, bright, reasonable structure, convenient operation and fast heating, insulation, heat evenly, high efficiency, free capacity increase, the provincial electricity, safe, reliable, energy-saving features.


Independently controlled using hierarchical structure, each layer of the bottom surface of the fire and the fire can be controlled, and therefore particularly good baking quality, the products are mainly used for baking bread and cakes, etc., are small and medium sized cake factory (shop) and mining corporate offices, schools and other institutions canteens best equipment.



1, The use of blast way, the gas, mixed by the best ratio of air forced into the furnace burner, in order to adapt to the low-temperature firing, using twice into the wind, when the first explosion, a small amount of wind into wind, making it easier to fire the burner. By controlling the time relay automatically increase to 5-10 seconds after preheating the air volume, so that the furnace gas burning more fully, greatly reducing the concentration of carbon monoxide.

2, Open flame heating, baking food colors brighter, thicker aroma, taste better.

3, The upper and lower fire each with a burner, thermostat and automatic thermostat can respectively.

4, Have flameout protection device, when the gas runs out or other failure caused by a sudden flame, the flame monitoring system automatically and immediately cut off the gas path concurrent sound and light alarms, safe and reliable.

5, Have timer, inspection window and viewing light, easy to operate and improve baking quality.

6, Manual panel, convenient and practical.


Technical parameters:

Name:gas oven (2 layers 4 trays)



use fuel:LPG

gas pressure :2. 8kpa

control temperature range:room~300℃

gas consumpion:0.65kg/h





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