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Brand Name:1 layer 1 tray electric deck oven
Product Model:YX-9A
Furnace can be adjustable in the range from room temperature to 300 ℃, easy to operate, stable performance.
 Product description


YX-9A series of far-infrared heating ovens are using far infrared radiation heating tube is a metal heating element to heat radiation penetration inside the body, fast heating, heat is evenly baked goods, excellent both in taste and color, in line with food hygiene standards , temperature can be adjusted within the range of 20-300 ℃, and can automatically thermostat, this product has a timer, automatic temperature control, manual temperature control and other features to choose from, easy to operate, reliable performance.


YX-9Aseries electric deck oven controlled independently using hierarchical structure, each layer of the bottom surface of the fire and the fire can be controlled, and therefore particularly good baking quality, etc. The products are mainly used for baking cakes, breads and cakes, is the small cake factory (shop) and industrial and mining enterprises, institutions and other canteens best choice.



1 This product is suitable for commercial baked pasta pastry foods.

2 Furnace can be adjustable in the range from room temperature to 300 ℃, easy to operate, stable performance.

3 Overheat when over temperature protection device can whole-class disconnects the power, safety and reliability.

4 Bracket plate greatly increased use of the double structure.

5 Semi-automatic door, open and flexible, closed tight and durable.

6 Mirror stainless steel, and beautifully designed.

7 Computer panel, simple operation.

8 Lava floor, heat evenly.


Technical parameters:

Name:1 layer 1 tray electric deck oven (Stackable)




control temperature range :room~300℃





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