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Brand Name:dough divider and rounder
Product Model:FC-C-30
The aircraft division geometric principles and eccentric swing principles,
 Product description
      The aircraft division geometric principles and eccentric swing principles, stressing shape dough evenly divided into 30 parts, equal to the weight of the dough within 6-10 seconds, saving time, greatly enhance the effectiveness of bakery production.


1.Reasonable design, uniform and complete dividing.
2.Automatic dividing, easy to operate.
3.Improving work efficiency, saving cost.
4.Realize dividing and rounding of the paste at the same time
Technical parameters:

Product Name: Dough Divider
Product Model: ZT-36
Specified Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Specified Power:1.1kw/h
Amount for Divide:36pcs
Weight Per piece: 30-180g
Overall Size: 400x500x1300mm
Net Weight:180kg

 Product recommendation
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