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Brand Name:32trays rotary oven gas
Product Model:YKG-100/100AD
32 (trays)rotary oven have three fuel types , electric diesel oil and gas ,trolley hanged at top or rotated at bottom . They can be used to bake all kinds of bread ( toast bread, French bread , hamburger ) , cake, moon cake ,
 Product description
        32 (trays)rotary oven have three  fuel types ,  electric  diesel oil and gas  ,trolley hanged at top or rotated at bottom . They can be used to bake all kinds of bread ( toast bread, French bread , hamburger ) , cake, moon cake , biscuits and baked poultry and other meat products . Widely used in food factories , supermarkets , bakeries , offices , canteens , and many other places, also applies to individuals as well as food processing, bakery and other food cake baking room West places .
        The oven with electric, diesel oil , gas heating energy . The overall use of assembled structure . Facade, grilled indoor lamps made ​​of stainless steel materials, stainless steel grill activity desktops , removable , easy to transport , the use of rotary or bottom bearing swivel hook , forced hot air circulation blower-type heating , greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency, reduced heating time to make more energy conservation , the use of hot air rotary plus trolley rotation , so absolutely uniform heating , baked goods without color. To make grilled food taste better, more suitable temperature, air volume is set at the exit of hot air conditioning and humidification devices, especially for baking pie and other more stringent requirements on the color of the cake, the majority of users from at home and abroad  are like ..
1, Using the vehicle out of the mode of operation, each time can bake 32 trays, easy to operate, saving time and effort.
2, With stainless steel tube, ensuring the use of quality but also save energy, maximize the use of cost savings.
3, Intelligent control, machine temperature, time and rotation systems, combustion systems using coherent intelligent control, make operation easier.
4, High-density insulation superfine cotton material with good insulation properties. With tight sealing, to minimize heat loss, a good insulation effect.
5, Inching system can generate sufficient steam at any time according to process requirements, to meet bakers food quality requirements.
6 Uniformity: strong wind convection, penetrating well, more uniform.
7 Durability: control instruments and separate furnace, insulation, less failure and more durable.
Technical parameters:
:32trays rotary oven
Voltage:~3N 380V/50Hz
Bunner power:60000kcal
Gas consumption:1.2-2.2m³/h
Control temperature range:room-300℃
Fuel:LPG and nature gas
Trolleys:32trays×1=32 trays
Trays size:400×600mm
 Product recommendation
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